The sound of an old 2 stroke 30hp Merc cranking up before 7am probably doesn’t do anything for most people. In fact I wasn’t sure what it was doing to me, but it did do something. Perhaps it jiggled loose a few rusty memories of evening boat rides at Sacandaga Lake. Or tanning on a friend’s pier on the Albemarle Sound during those lazy teenage summer days of being 17. Back when all my friends and I were consumed by boredom and incapable of truly enjoying the feeling of doing nothing, while it lasted.
On this particular morning it did something. As I crawled onto the deck of the small boat after Enzo, I noticed that I was experiencing a very serene and peaceful state of mind. That state is a bit harder to nail down nowadays but this morning it came naturally because it was simply too early, and I was tired. My mind was calm enough to sip my coffee and spin my chair to face the sunrise and simply see the beauty ahead of the boats’ pointed bow.
Being warmed by my sweatshirt as the sun rose I spent my time behind the camera and taking in all the sounds and smells on our little fishing excursion.  Just the sound of the aluminum bottom sliding over the small inlet waves, the smell of salt and coffee and the predictable hint of fish made my heart warm and full. Watching my dog Enzo fish along side Neil with such anticipation and intensity. Enjoying capturing my muses. Here are few a good ones.
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